Lightweight Covert Bullet Stab Proof Vest Level II - Spycatcher
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Covert Vests Lightweight Bullet/Stab-Proof Vest Threat Level II

This superb lightweight and extremely comfortable under shirt bullet proof vest offers hand gun protection to NIJ level II which will stop rounds from all handguns upto and including .357 magnum.

The unique matrial used to construct this vest will also offer the wearer protection from knives, sharpened instruments, picks and bottles upto 16 joules and 100% of slashes.

The four point adjustments and the weight of under 1.3KG (depending on size) make this extremely discreet and comfortable to wear day in and day out, all day long, if required

For more information on the NIJ ballistic protection levels please see our chart by clicking HERE

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£390.00 Incl.VAT
£325.00 Excl.VAT