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Long sleeved T-shirts lined with woven Aramid fibre

A high quality tactical shirt, totally discreet, and with the added advantage of long sleeves to protect the arms.

A must for anyone carrying out undercover work where added anti-slash protection may be required.

Perfect for door staff, security personnel and anyone who may be operating in unsafe areas.

180 gms of added Kevlar lining at very limited additional weight make this garment indispensible.Fire retardent and tested to EN388, 6.2 - Blade cut resistance - Level 2 (passed).


Covert Black Long Sleeved T.Shirt Lined With Woven Aramid Fibre 
Covert Black Long Sleeved T.Shirt lined with woven aramid fibre
£59.99 Incl.VAT
£49.99 Excl.VAT
Covert White Long Sleeve T. Shirt Lined With Aramid Fibre 
Covert White Long Sleeve T. Shirt lined with aramid fibre
£59.99 Incl.VAT
£49.99 Excl.VAT