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Tuesday 02 June, 2009

Bladerunner on Reuters
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More and more people claim to
carry a knife for protection.
Staff who work with the public
know that a knife can easily
become a weapon of attack in a
confrontational situation.
Security staff, social workers
and charity or aid workers are
particularly vulnerable to
random knife violence.

BladeRunner is a new generation of protective clothing for frontline staff who may be exposed to knife attack. Available from the BladeRunner website – – these slash-proof garments are stylish, comfortable and safe.

BladeRunner is an online facility (operated by the Spycatcher Group which specialises in surveillance equipment) through which you can order a new kind of clothing that help protect against knife attack. Proven as slash-proof and designed to be worn every day, the garments are stylish, fashionable and built for comfort as well as safety.

Lined with Kevlar or woven Aramid fibre, the BladeRunner clothing range is the only one on the market offering such a high level of quality and antislash protection, complying with BSEN388 6.2 (blade cut resistance). In comprehensive blade slash testing, the products achieved Level 2 compliance.
Protective clothing - to be seen in!

‘Attractive’ is rarely a word that is used in connection with functional anti-slash clothing. BladeRunner, however, has revolutionised the whole concept of body protection, offering highly effective garments that blend well with High Streetbought equivalents.
Their hooded tops for men and women are fashionable and incredibly comfortable, and come in the whole range of sizes. They are manufactured from 65% + 35% sweat fabric with a large bottom pocket, and the hood has a cotton lining with a Polyester cord and plastic moulded locks. These unisex lightweight ‘hoodies’ come in black, grey, white, pink and pastel blue and have an 180g Kevlar lining. Affordable, too, at just £74.74-£80.50 inc VAT for men and £68.99 inc VAT for the women’s pink and pastel blue versions. There is also a stylish windjammer jacket with front zip, bottom draw-string and integral iPod pocket, for £149.49 inc VAT.


In warm weather (or for additional protection), short or long-sleeved Tshirts are ideal. Lined with 180g Aramid fibre, the BladeRunner T-shirts are unisex and can be worn like a normal T-shirt or vest. Available in black or white, they are priced at £51.74 inc VAT for long sleeves and £41.39 inc VAT for the classic short sleeved version.


Kevlar-lined anti-slash leather gloves - with or without knuckle protection – are ideal for police, armed forces, security staff or even just motorcycle riders operating in dangerous circumstances.
Available for just £26.45 inc VAT without knuckle protection, or £40.24 inc VAT with knuckle protection

This protection is vital, and BladeRunner’s neckwarmer and balaclava also ensure that the most vulnerable areas of neck and head are fully covered to the same level of slash protection..

All products are available to purchase on the BladeRunner website –


Also available….
Disguised stab- and bullet-proof jackets
The prevalence of not just knives - but guns too - being carried routinely on the streets presents a very real threat to staff working in high-risk environments. Conventional protective vests will always have an important role to play, but they are mostly cumbersome and uncomfortable.

.BladeRunner’s disguised ballistic staband bullet-proof garments for men come in four different styles – a black weatherproof coat, a flying jacket, a denim jacket and a waistcoat. All provide an incredible level of protection (to NIJ STD 0101.04 level 111A) rarely seen in such stylish garments.


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