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About Bladerunner | UK Manufacturers of Protective Clothing



We are the exclusive manufacturers of Bladerunner anti-slash clothing. Our slash-proof products are designed to offer an added layer of personal protection to the wearer.

Bladerunner clothing is designed to be comfortable to wear and fashionable, whilst still offering the maximum knife protection available without making the clothing too bulky. It is manufactured with a layer of Kevlar (or in some cases Spectra or Dyneema) sewn in to the lining of the garment.


Bladerunner supply anti-slash clothing in sizes ranging from small to 5XL and , in some cases, we can manufacture up to any size required.

Our exclusive range of anti-slash gloves are manufactured using either Kevlar or Dyneema lining and are designed to protect hands against knives broken glass or any other sharp object (except for needles). We can offer some specifically designed gloves which will provide certain amount of puncture-proof protection.

At Bladerunner we ensure that all of our anti-slash clothing products are tested by an established and approved UK test house and, if required, we are happy to send customers copies of the official test results.


Bladerunner is run by the same team of highly experienced professionals who have vast knowledge not only of the personal protection market but also surveillance, counter-surveillance and communications systems.

Bladerunner has been trading for 15 years and was taken over by the present management in January 2009. Since that time the new owners have been expanding and re-designing the range of products offered.


Bladerunner are always following new developments in the field of personal protection and as new materials become available we are often the first to be offered them to integrate into our products and then offer them to the consumer.

When this happens we carry out our own test procedures before sending the material to an official test house. If the products meet the required protection level we will manufacture a batch for market testing before going in to full production.

Bladerunner are in the forefront of this specialized protective clothing market and will continue to offer our customers clothing made with the best and latest materials on the market.