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Bladerunner offers many forms of protective clothing and accessories for a wide range of industries in a variety of different shapes and sizes. One being bite resistant clothing that offers both bite protection and peace of mind for the wearer. At Bladerunner we recognise the risks that healthcare professionals, teachers and care workers face each day as a result of the environment they work in. Considering this risk, we offer a wide range of protective clothing and products to help reduce bite, abrasion, scratch and pinch related work injuries. Bladerunner offer a line of bite protective clothing with the aim to reduce the risk of bite-related injuries or trauma.

Why Bite Resistant Clothing Is Necessary

Through research undertaken, Bladerunner was able to distinguish the unique need for bite, scratch, abrasion and pinch resistant clothing, especially in the nursing, mental health care and special educational needs sectors. This is because people who work with and around challenging behaviour are more likely to suffer injuries like bites and scratches and as a result need to feel safe and protected in their workplace. It is necessary to differentiate between self-harming and the behaviour of those that inflict injury on others, there is a lot of information about the possibility of self-injury when associated with challenging behaviour, however there is limited information available in the public domain regarding injuries caused to others as a result of challenging behaviour.

Research indicates that 9.8% of individuals with intellectual disabilities exhibit physical aggression (Cooper et al, 2009,) which results in healthcare staff, medical professionals and even loved ones being at risk of injuries and trauma from challenging behaviour in their daily work. Studies aimed at analysing violence towards carers working with individuals demonstrating challenging behaviour, state that 54% of support workers were exposed to physical harm at least once a year (Strand et al, 2004,) and a further 24% of parents with children who have severe challenging behaviours suffering from serious injuries due to their child’s behaviour (Hawkins and Cooper, 2006.)

Bladerunner products protect the working environment of key workers and family members facing challenging and behaviour-related injuries.

This research, backed up with our own industry knowledge, has enabled Bladerunner to become a leading bite resistant clothing supplier offering protection for individuals who require protection but with discrete appearance to help reduce intimidation for those suffering from challenging behaviour themselves.

Such behaviours can stem from a number of disabilities or challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Autism
  • Dementia
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental developmental illnesses or disorders which result in sensory or emotional overwhelming or confusion
  • Young children who have had a traumatic upbringing, with resultant arrested emotional development, or undiagnosed learning disabilities/learning mental illness
  • Discomfort and frustration (usually from non-verbal individuals)
  • Communication issues

Many individuals who exhibit challenging behaviours do not mean to cause harm intentionally but do so in order to communicate and control their environment, as they feel they have no other means to do so. This behaviour often leads to further suffering from remorse, confusion and/or embarrassment immediately after biting or scratching someone.

Bladerunner’s bite resistant protective clothing aims to not only protect care workers and professionals from injury or trauma but also to help ease the suffering of individuals who cause potential injury as a result of their challenging behaviour.

By limiting injury to care workers and healthcare professionals, those exhibiting challenging behaviour suffer less confusion and damage to their self-esteem as a result of their outbursts as permanent harm can often be reduced or even completely avoided. Bladerunner’s bite protection long sleeved T-shirts and other protective accessories are ideally suited to those working within the special needs and care sectors, and where workers and professionals are at their most vulnerable. Bite resistant clothing helps reduce the risk of serious injuries related to their working environment, it also reduces the need for time off due to work related injury caused by long-lasting trauma that can affect those keyworkers both physically, mentally and financially.

Bite resistant Clothing and Protective Wear 

Bladerunner have a wide range of bite resistant protective clothing and accessories specifically designed for the protection of individuals from harm as a result of dealing with challenging behaviour. All of our products have been meticulously tested for strength to ensure all areas and possible injury causes are covered. Bladerunner products have been vigorously tested for the following:

  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Circular blade cut resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Straight blade cut resistance
  • Impact resistance

This is done to ensure that any injury resulting from challenging behaviour or animals are limited/minimised effectively by our bite resistant clothing. You can find out more information about how our products are tested here.

Challenging behaviours that our products are tested for include:

  • Biting (puncture resistance)
  • Scratching
  • Pinching
  • Abrasion and grazing

The bite resistant products that we offer have all been tested for their effectiveness and are detailed below.

  • Bite resistant sleeves
  • Bite resistant hoodies
  • Bite resistant T-shirts
  • Bite resistant scarves
  • Bite resistant balaclavas
  • Protective gloves
  • Bite resistant jackets
  • Arm and wrist protective equipment
  • Knee protective gear
  • Neck protective gear
  • Body armour

A full list of all our protective clothing and accessories can be found within our catalogue here. If you would like to see examples of these products in action, please visit our YouTube channel .

In addition to our bite resistant clothing range, Bladerunner also offer slash resistant clothing and accessories, anti-scratch and pinch clothing, and accessories. More information on these product lines can be found within the links below.