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Latest news, views and videos from Bladerunner

  • What are cut resistant gloves made from?

    Cut resistant gloves can be manufactured from a number of different materials. At Bladerunner, we manufacture and sell anti-cut gloves made from Kevlar (Trademark Dupont), Spectra (Trademark Honeywell) and Dyneema. Each offers slightly different properties, but they all offer cut resistant protection in the event of a knife attack, or if used as protective work gloves.

    Kevlar Gloves

    For many years Kevlar was the "Go to" material for anti-slash gloves but over more recent years other players have come on to the scene thereby giving consumers a wider choice. Kevlar properties offer a combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness, thermal stability and obviously cut resistance. Click here to learn more.

    We are often asked by customers, "Is Kevlar stab proof?". Whichever material you decide to go with it is important to understand that these materials, in the configuration that they are manufactured to provide anti-cut protection, as opposed to anti-stab protection. There is a good, and obvious reason for this. In order to make gloves anti-stab they would have to be so thick, and so rigid, that they would make hand movement almost, if not completely, impossible.

    For many years at Bladerunner, we only supplied Kevlar lined gloves. We still do supply Kevlar gloves. They are comfortable, flexible and in the main provide level 2 anti-cut protection under testing to EN388: 2003. Our Fortis glove is just one example of our superb Kevlar lined gloves. They are lightweight, supersoft and one of the most comfortable gloves in our line of anti-cut gloves.

    Cut Resistant Glove Testing

    At this point we should explain that all of our cut-resistant products are tested, by an independent UK authorised laboratory, to EN388: 2003 which is the relevant European safety testing standard. We have the gloves tested for:

    Abrasion resistance (Using method 6.1)
    Blade cut resistance (Using method 6.2)
    Tear resistance (Using method 6.3)
    Puncture resistance (Using method 6.4)

    Under this testing the gloves can either fail or achieve level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 or level 5 (The highest rating possible).

    Using this method of testing we have established that within our range our Kevlar lined gloves have achieved a level 2 rating.

    Our Dyneema lined gloves (Valour) have achieved a level 4 rating. Dyneema is a super-strong fibre, up to 15 times strong than steel when compared on a weight for weight basis. The Valour gloves are manufactured using top grade cowhide leather, then lined with Dyneema and cut resistant Kevlar. We have combined the two to ensure that the gloves are not only cut proof, but also have puncture proof finger tips, again with level 4 resistance.

    Cut resistant gloves level 5

    We are proud to say that a number of our gloves have achieved the highest possible cut resistance rating, level 5. Two of our latest cut level 5 gloves are the Coyote and the "Police" glove, both of which are lined with Spectra, which is a highly durable material, whilst also offering excellent dexterity, sensitivity and flexibility. These properties make the gloves highly versatile and perfect for a large range of applications / industries.

    Another cut resistant level 5 glove in our range is the Rhino Duty glove, which also boasts a puncture resistance of level 4 and is often used by staff cleaning up trains and any other area where there is a danger of something like a used syringe, razor blade or any other sharp object being in the debris and often by police carrying out searches.

    Who uses Cut Proof Gloves?

    Our anti-slash gloves are used in wide ranging industries, where hand protection is of paramount importance. Many of our customers are security staff and police officers, for obvious reasons, but we are seeing more and more commercial organisations wanting to protect their staff, such as glazing companies, tree surgeons and butchers. Our steel glove, which also offers level 5 cut resistance is designed predominantly for users who need to keep one hand free to hold a cutting tool whilst holding the item to be cut in the other, steel gloved hand, for example butchers and kitchen staff.

    We hope this short guide will help you to decide which cut resistant glove is right for you, but if you would like to speak to one of our expert sales team, please feel free to contact us here.

  • Surge in knife crime continuing

    The surge in knife crime seems to be continuing unabated. Last Tuesday alone there were 3 knife attacks in 90 minutes and 6 stabbings during that 24 hour period. There have so far been 62 murders recorded by Scotland Yard.

    45 murders in the first quarter of 2018 against 23 in the same period last year. Hardly a day is going by when you do not read something about yet another knife attack.

    No one has come with a definitive answer as to why this is happening but it is fair to say that a lot of these knife attacks are gang related. We at Bladerunner do not buy into the theory that more people are carrying knives to protect themselves against knife attacks being visited upon them.

    What we are finding, here at Bladerunner is that people who are living in areas where they are prone to seeing gang members are buying themselves anti-knife slash gloves or anti-slash T-shirts or hooded tops.

    Think about it. If you are confronted by someone with a knife how are you going to defend yourself? Of course, if the opportunity arises you can run, but that is not usually an option. The best way to defend yourself is by grabbing the blade of the knife, which of course will always result in horrible damage to your hands. The only sensible option is to make sure you have a pair of Bladerunner anti-slash gloves. We have a full range of cut-proof gloves at These gloves are knife resistant and would enable you to grab a knife by the blade and either stop it damaging your body and usually will enable you to disarm an attacker.

    You can view our hooded top cut test video below and more videos here.

    We at have been supplying cut resistant gloves, cut-resistant T-shirts and anti-slash hooded tops for over 15 years. Each of our products have been tested in a UK authorised test house and, if required, we can supply a copy of individual reports.

    We have been developing, and will soon be marketing an anti-stab back and front body panel which will be totally discreet and which is designed to protect vital organs. This will be something that can be worn under your clothing and will help prevent many life threatening injuries from knives.

  • Knife Crime - Getting much worse

    This year the statistics for knife crime are reaching horrendous, but not quite epidemic, proportions. As reported in last week's The Sunday Times* 16 people have been killed in knife attacks in London alone so far this year and we are not yet into March.

    One of the results of the 1996 Dunblane shooting, when 16 children and 1 teacher were murdered, was the tightening of procedures for getting a Firearms certificate or a shotgun license. Shootings in the UK (And Europe) are now relatively rare. Not so the USA where it is so easy to get your hands on a firearm. The bad news is that you don’t need any license to buy a knife and, even if you did, how simple is it to go into any cooking shop and buy a carving knife, or something just as lethal.

    Anti-stab vests are still too thick and uncomfortable to wear but here at Bladerunner we will have a solution to that problem soon. We are constantly looking to develop new and unique protective clothing and we are working on a very covert anti-stab equipment which will be totally discreet and will save lives.

    The article in The Times also pointed out that around a third of knife related deaths so far this year in London were teenagers and 1 in 5 perpetrators of knife crime are under the age of 18. In an attempt to address the issue of knife attacks and protect young people on the street, we have created a range of anti-slash streetwear that is both stylish and safe, providing a level of protection and peace of mind. We know that our anti-slash clothing is not the whole answer but despite this it does save lives.

    Anti-cut gloves, which are comfortable and great looking will also give a potential victim the opportunity to grab a knife being used in an attack by the blade without causing serious damage to the hands. Cut resistant gloves themselves can be a life saver in a potentially life threatening situation.

    And so it goes on the number attacks continues to increase. More parents, brothers and sisters in mourning. A solution does not seem to be near. Perhaps the only option is to ensure that when our teenage children go out they have some measure of protection to help keep them safe.


  • Knife crime is increasing - So is cut resistant clothing usage

    Knife crime has been with us for years, nothing new about that, but the government, and Police, have been cracking down on it and have had some success, until last year that is. In the 12 months to June 2017 there were 36,988 knife offences which is a 26% increase over the previous year and the highest since 2011.

    Knife crime is more prevalent in major cities and is often associated with robberies and sexual assault. This is a worrying trend and one of the reasons we are seeing an increase in sales of cut resistant clothing at Bladerunner. Clearly there is a limit to how practical it is for everyone to go around wearing thick and uncomfortable stab-proof vests, however anything that one can wear to reduce the risk of injury from an attack is helpful.

    Our range of anti-slash clothing will go a long way towards preventing injury from a knife. We supply a range of stylish anti-cut clothing, has no appearance of having knife protection and can, in an emergency situation mean the difference between serious injury and surviving unharmed. Incidentally, all of our protective clothing is currently 25% off for a limited period, so it is the perfect time to protect yourself.

    Anti slash clothing has always been a difficult area. If you want it to be stab proof it really cannot be successfully disguised. That is why our range of anti-slash T-shirts and anti-slash hooded tops represent such a perfect halfway house.

    We are also finding that our cut resistant gloves are becoming more and more important in staying safe. These are not only useful to security personnel but to everyone. If you are unfortunate enough to be threatened, or attacked by someone with a knife our anti-slash gloves will at least allow you to grab the knife by the blade without do serious injury to your hands. Knife resistant gloves are becoming more and more popular in the security world, particularly with door personnel at entertainment venues.

  • Keeping cyclists safe with our LED Hi-Vis Safety vest

    Okay, we all agree that cycling is probably the most efficient way of getting from A to B in these car congested, over-polluted days of traffic mayhem.

    That is fine, and always commendable, in the Summer when it is light both early and late which is when most cyclists are making their way to, and from work.

    But in the Winter it’s a different story. It is DARK out there and whatever cyclists can do to make themselves more visible is worth doing. Lights at the back and front of the bike are good. Lights on the helmet are good, but really what you want to do is light yourself up like a Christmas tree. That way you cannot be missed!

    One of the products that we have had huge success with is our LED Hi-Vis Safety vest which is just so important when it comes to keeping a cyclist safe. Not only cyclists we have had orders from a number of local authorities for the LED safety vest in an effort to keep their workers safe when working on roads and motorways at night.

    The LED Safety vest only comes in one size but the Velcro closure allows that one size to work for anyone from size Small to 2XL. This vest is manufactured using 100% Polyester knitted fabric and EN471 standard reflective tape. It incorporates Red LED flashing lights which can be switched to various modes including quick flash, slow flash or stable on mode. The vest weighs only 255 grams and is operated by 2 x AA batteries (Not supplied).

    Visibility from distance is obviously a key feature for both cyclists and outdoor workers. Our LED Hi-Vis Safety vest is visible from up to 1000 metres on a clear night.

    It is amazing how many customers come on to our site to buy anti-slash clothing and also go away with the LED Hi-Vis vest as well. Often they buy it for their children who obviously face extra dangers when cycling at night.

    At only £24.00 (Inc VAT) this is an undeniably important product that will help keep you and your family safe.

  • Stay Safe & Warm this Winter with Bladerunner Anti-Slash Clothing

    Now that Winter is here all those security personnel standing outside clubs, pubs and venues being attended by VIP’s will be standing there in sometimes freezing conditions. Not only do they need to stay warm but, at the same time they need to stay safe whilst still being comfortable.

    Our range of anti-slash clothing is designed to serve all three purposes, safety, warmth and comfort.

    Whilst we also provide anti-stab vests and even bullet-proof vests we find that most of our customers actually prefer the practicality of our anti-slash clothing. It may be something of a compromise but spending hours on the door in freezing conditions is no joke and warmth and comfort figure very highly in their considerations. Of course if you do want to go for a full anti-stab vest or bullet-proof vest we are more than happy to supply.

    The practicality of a Kevlar lined scarf is beyond doubt. It keeps you incredibly warm and if you want to go one step further you can go for the Dyneema lined scarf which offers even greater anti-cut knife protection.

    Anti Slash HoodiesFor extra warmth we find that many of our customers will wear one of our anti-slash hooded tops or Windjammer jackets under their coat. Fully lined with Kevlar they tend to give security personnel that little bit of extra comfort know that they are taking some steps to keep themselves safe.

    Perhaps most important of all are the hands. In a potential knife attack it is so often the hands that take the worst of the damage. At Bladerunner we offer a range of anti-slash gloves that are not only comfortable and warm but also offer the security of knowing that if necessary you can ward off an attack and at the same time limit the damage to your hands.

    We understand that anti-slash clothing does not offer the ultimate protection but what it does do is offer a measure of anti-cut protection built into everyday wearable clothing. That is what we aim to provide at Bladerunner.

  • Security guards across the UK to assist in the fight against terrorism

    Newspapers are today reporting that Counter-terrorism officials want security guards across the UK to assist in the fight against terrorism.

    Clearly someone high up has suddenly realised that there is a vast, untapped, resource that can make a huge difference, not only in the reporting of suspicious activity but, where appropriate, to perhaps counter any attack.

    This is clearly a brilliant idea because an analysis of the most vulnerable places shows that shopping arcades, entertainment venues and tourist attractions are particularly at risk. These are the places where there are most likely to be security personnel on duty and all places where you are more likely to see a security guard than a policeman.

    We understand that some security guards have already had terrorist awareness training and this voluntary initiative to be called "Project Griffin" is likely to be rolled out on a much larger scale in the future.

    Bearing in mind that most of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK have involved knives it is evident that anti-slash clothing whilst not being anti-stab do offer a level of anti-cut protection that can be of great benefit to the wearer.

    Anti-slash gloves will be of particular benefit in a potential knife attack and could allow a security officers to grab a knife in order to protect both himself and the public.

  • Protective Clothing Essentials

    The last thing we would do is recommend that members of the public should tackle anyone threatening with a knife, however if you are a security officer, or employ security staff, it is important to decide what level of protection you or your team need.

    We can offer a full range of bullet-proof and anti-stab protection but we know from experience that it is usually journalists traveling to war zones who need bullet-proof vests. Most security personnel do not really want to wear bullet-proof or stab-proof clothing. Generally bullet-proof and stab-proof clothing is bulky, stiff, rather uncomfortable and certainly not attractive to wear. Continue reading

  • BLADERUNNER Registers Huge Increase in Online Visitors

    After the horrendous terrorist attacks both on Westminster Bridge and, more particularly, in Borough Market on the 3rd of June 2017 we noticed a huge spike in online enquiries for our anti-slash and cut-proof clothing.

    We were very keen not to be seen to be profiting out of these awful events which is why, for the month of June, we reserved 15% of our nett sales which will go to the UK Solidarity Fund run by the Red Cross.

    Nevertheless, it is clear, because of the nature of recent attacks, people are generally more aware of security issues. The enquiries we have been getting, in the main, have not been for bullet-proof or fully stab-proof clothing, which, to be quite honest, is rather cumbersome and not practical to wear on a daily basis but for Kevlar lined anti-cut and anti-slash clothing which offers various levels of protection (Depending on which item you choose) and which is much more practical for daily street wear. Continue reading

  • Anti-Cut Scarves will be big winners this Winter

    Coming out of the Summer season our thoughts now turn to Autumn and Winter and what will be the big sellers this year.

    For the 1st time we are able to offer what we think is going to be one of the most essential, and adaptable, personal protection product to hit the security personnel market for years. The anti-cut scarf is clever because it is so adaptable. If you wear it like a normal scarf it obviously protects your neck. What we have also done is put inserts for your hands at each end of the scarf so that you can slip your hand in to it and use it as a anti-cut glove should you need to grab the blade of a knife.

    Anti-slash clothing has increased in popularity over recent years because of the publicity surrounding so many knife attacks that have become such a regular occurrence. Not only will the scarf protect your neck and hands but it can also be wrapped around your arms and wrists and even your face.

    We have 2 different models available, the anti-slash scarf with Kevlar lining which offers EN388 Blade-cut resistance of level 3, tear resistance at level 2 and puncture resistance at level 2. At a price of only £66.00 including VAT this is a very affordable, and essential piece of extra protection.

    We are also offering the anti-slash scarf with Dyneema lining which offers EN388 blade-cut resistance of level 5, anti-tear resistance of level 4 and puncture resistance of level 4. The Dyneema-lined anti-cut scarf is available for £78.00 including VAT.hands

    Both of these anti-cut, blade-resistant scarves are really lovely, and comfortable, to wear offering soft warmth during the Winter months.

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