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Coming out of the Summer season our thoughts now turn to Autumn and Winter and what will be the big sellers this year.

For the 1st time we are able to offer what we think is going to be one of the most essential, and adaptable, personal protection product to hit the security personnel market for years. The blade-resistant scarf is clever because it is so adaptable. If you wear it like a normal scarf it obviously protects your neck. What we have also done is put inserts for your hands at each end of the scarf so that you can slip your hand in to it and use it as a blade-resistant glove should you need to grab the blade of a knife.

Anti-slash clothing has increased in popularity over recent years because of the publicity surrounding so many knife attacks that have become such a regular occurrence. Not only will the scarf protect your neck and hands but it can also be wrapped around your arms and wrists and even your face.

We have 2 different models available, the anti-slash scarf with Kevlar lining which offers EN388 Blade-cut resistance of level 3, tear resistance at level 2 and puncture resistance at level 2. At a price of only £66.00 including VAT this is a very affordable, and essential piece of extra protection.

We are also offering the anti-slash scarf with Dyneema lining which offers EN388 blade-cut resistance of level 5, anti-tear resistance of level 4 and puncture resistance of level 4. The Dyneema-lined anti-cut scarf is available for £78.00 including VAT.hands

Both of these anti-cut, blade-resistant scarves are really lovely, and comfortable, to wear offering soft warmth during the Winter months.