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Bladerunner invited to Security & Counter Terror Expo

We are delighted to once again be invited to the Security & Counter Terror Expo, in March 2019. The three day event is the UK's leading national security event and sees over 10,000 security professionals from 100+ countries come together to network and showcase the latest technology, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure and people safe.

Being invited to such an event to present our range of protective clothing and accessories not only validates the quality of our product but demonstrates that personal protection from knife crime is being taken more seriously than ever before.

Yet again we are confronted with the continuation of knife crime in the UK. With one person stabbed to death in Tufnell Park this week and another injured in Dagenham as this wave of unnecessary murders and injuries is continuing unabated.

At Bladerunner, we are still seeing an increase in the number of people turning to us for protective gloves and anti slash clothing in an attempt to keep their loved ones safe. With Police forces apparently stretched to the point where they are finding it difficult to keep officers on the beat they seem to have become more of a reactionary organisation rather than a preventative one. Both security personnel and the public on the street now realise the importance of personal protection.

As we have seen in a recent online blog the best way to defend yourself against a knife attack is to run. Yes, run as fast as you can, run for your life! Sometimes though that is just not possible so faced with someone with a knife it would be good if you were able to grab the blade of knife to keep it away from your body.

We are finding that people are beginning to become aware of the need to have some form of defence against a knife attack and this has resulted in an increase in sales not only of our cut resistant gloves, but across our range of protective clothing.

We are very excited to showcase a number of new products at the SCTC 2019. Firstly our new 'Police Glove', which has been tremendously well received, offers the highest level of cut resistance, level V (EN388:2003) and even includeS Touchscreen material enabling the use of a phone whilst still wearing the gloves.

Our Valour soft leather gloves are lined with Dyneema giving level IV protection (EN388:2003) and similarly to our 'Police' glove, our Coyote gloves are lined with anti-slash fibre, offering level V protection (EN388:2003), high finger flexibility and are covered with Kevlar and leather to offer double protection.

Another Bladerunner innovation that we will present at the event is the Ultra-thin stab resistant panel. This panel has been tested by a laboratory in the United States and has been certified to offer 24 Joules knife and spike resistance (Home office standards KR1 and SP1. THE new innovative panels are designed to be worn under clothing and are totally covert. At a price of £238.00 plus VAT for 2 panels and a carrier to hold them in position these panels are designed to protect vital organs whilst being perfectly comfortable to wear. This package is more covert, and less expensive that any other anti-stab system on the market.

Obviously March 2019 is still someway off, so it wouldn't be out of the question for us to have other new innovations in the pipeline by then. Stay tuned for details.