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Bladerunner protection

For many years people have been concerned that protective clothing is too cumbersome, too uncomfortable and too obvious.

We at Bladerunner decided to address that problem and set about designing a new range of protective clothing that would be comfortable to wear and very covert whilst offering the maximum protection available whilst still remaining covert.

The result of our efforts has been the current range which we consider to have achieved all of those aims whilst still offering substantial protection.

When considering the type of protection that you need it is essential to consider the type of threat that you are likely to meet. When considering knife protection it is important to understand the difference between anti-stab and anti-slash. Anti-slash vests and thicker and more rigid and we cannot build anti-slash protection in to loose fitting comfortable and fashionable clothing. Our anti-slash vests are designed to be worn under ordinary clothing.
On the other hand anti-slash clothing will not protect against a stabbing moving but should, as the name implies protect against a slashing movement (Subject to its published protection levels). The advantage of anti-slash clothing is that it is very covert and just looks like an ordinary T-shirt, hoodie, balaclava or neck warmer.
Everything we sell at Bladerunner is tested by a recognised, and authorised UK test laboratory and we are happy to send copies of those test results if required.
Our range of anti-slash and puncture –proof gloves are also tested by a UK test house in accordance with EN388.  EN388 is a European standard designed to assess the performance of a fabric or layers of fabric. To meet these requirements our gloves undergo four different tests before being given a performance rating. These four tests are a) abrasion resistance; b) blade cut resistance, c) tear resistance and d) puncture resistance. The most common material that is resistant to cuts and abrasions is known as Kevlar that is a part of the Aramid family of synthetic fibres. It is said to be 5 times stronger than steel and a natural fire retardant.
Some of our customers need, because of the nature of their job, to wear gloves for a large part of the day, or night. This means that the gloves need to be comfortable to wear and flexible enough to go about normal tasks. Our “Fortis” gloves are designed with this in mind. Some of our customers however, are more concerned about protecting their fingertips against needles whilst searching someone’s pockets or clearing up debris. For this our “Rhino” or “Valour” gloves are just the job.
Bladerunner are experts in the field of anti-slash clothing and cut-resistant and puncture-resistant gloves and have been supplying Government departments both in the UK and abroad for many years. We are constantly developing new lines and always try to ensure that our anti-slash clothing is both effective and effective.

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