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Company News

Company News from Bladerunner

  • Ukraine - The Press - Protection

    Life can be so strange. For many years we at have been supplying the press with bullet-proof vests.

    Just when it seemed that everything was settling down and we had peace on most of Planet Earth up pop the Russians to start looking like they could be invading Ukraine.

    A rapid gearing up of stocks is required by many news companies who have been caught out at a time when freight costs are making it so expensive to ship goods around the world.

    Continue reading

  • Perfect Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

    With Christmas quickly approaching it is becoming more and more urgent to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Gone are the days of wrapping up a pair of socks and a selection box for your family and friends, you need to find something practical that they can actually make good use of. If your partner, friend or family member is in the police force or hoping to find their way into this industry one day, then there are a handful of presents that would be the ideal match for them. Imagine the pleasant surprise on their face when they receive a gift that might actually come in really handy one day! Continue reading

  • Bladerunner invited to Security & Counter Terror Expo

    We are delighted to once again be invited to the Security & Counter Terror Expo, in March 2019. The three day event is the UK's leading national security event and sees over 10,000 security professionals from 100+ countries come together to network and showcase the latest technology, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure and people safe.

    Being invited to such an event to present our range of protective clothing and accessories not only validates the quality of our product but demonstrates that personal protection from knife crime is being taken more seriously than ever before.

    Yet again we are confronted with the continuation of knife crime in the UK. With one person stabbed to death in Tufnell Park this week and another injured in Dagenham as this wave of unnecessary murders and injuries is continuing unabated. Continue reading

  • Protective Clothing Essentials

    The last thing we would do is recommend that members of the public should tackle anyone threatening with a knife, however if you are a security officer, or employ security staff, it is important to decide what level of protection you or your team need.

    We can offer a full range of bullet-proof and anti-stab protection but we know from experience that it is usually journalists traveling to war zones who need bullet-proof vests. Most security personnel do not really want to wear bullet-proof or stab-proof clothing. Generally bullet-proof and stab-proof clothing is bulky, stiff, rather uncomfortable and certainly not attractive to wear. Continue reading

  • BLADERUNNER Registers Huge Increase in Online Visitors

    After the horrendous terrorist attacks both on Westminster Bridge and, more particularly, in Borough Market on the 3rd of June 2017 we noticed a huge spike in online enquiries for our anti-slash and cut-proof clothing.

    We were very keen not to be seen to be profiting out of these awful events which is why, for the month of June, we reserved 15% of our nett sales which will go to the UK Solidarity Fund run by the Red Cross.

    Nevertheless, it is clear, because of the nature of recent attacks, people are generally more aware of security issues. The enquiries we have been getting, in the main, have not been for bullet-proof or fully stab-proof clothing, which, to be quite honest, is rather cumbersome and not practical to wear on a daily basis but for Kevlar lined anti-cut and anti-slash clothing which offers various levels of protection (Depending on which item you choose) and which is much more practical for daily street wear. Continue reading

  • Anti-Cut Scarves will be big winners this Winter

    Coming out of the Summer season our thoughts now turn to Autumn and Winter and what will be the big sellers this year.

    For the 1st time we are able to offer what we think is going to be one of the most essential, and adaptable, personal protection product to hit the security personnel market for years. The anti-cut scarf is clever because it is so adaptable. If you wear it like a normal scarf it obviously protects your neck. What we have also done is put inserts for your hands at each end of the scarf so that you can slip your hand in to it and use it as a anti-cut glove should you need to grab the blade of a knife.

    Anti-slash clothing has increased in popularity over recent years because of the publicity surrounding so many knife attacks that have become such a regular occurrence. Not only will the scarf protect your neck and hands but it can also be wrapped around your arms and wrists and even your face.

    We have 2 different models available, the anti-slash scarf with Kevlar lining which offers EN388 Blade-cut resistance of level 3, tear resistance at level 2 and puncture resistance at level 2. At a price of only £66.00 including VAT this is a very affordable, and essential piece of extra protection.

    We are also offering the anti-slash scarf with Dyneema lining which offers EN388 blade-cut resistance of level 5, anti-tear resistance of level 4 and puncture resistance of level 4. The Dyneema-lined anti-cut scarf is available for £78.00 including VAT.hands

    Both of these anti-cut, blade-resistant scarves are really lovely, and comfortable, to wear offering soft warmth during the Winter months.

  • How Anti-Slash Clothing Is Tested

    Do the clothing really protect against blade cut?

    Not only does our anti-slash clothing protect you against blade cut but some of our clothing even protects you against abrasion, tear and puncture.

    Have your products been tested?

    Yes. Our products are tested in accordance with EN388:2003.

    What is EN388:2003?

    EN388: 2003 is a European standard that assesses the performance of fabrics of layers of fabric for their ability to resist heavy rubbing, cutting by a blade or sharp object, tearing and puncture by a pointed object.

    What properties are your products tested against?

    Each of our products are tested against some of the 4 properties that include blade cut, abrasion, tear and puncture. Each testing procedure includes separate testing for each of these properties.

    How are they tested?

    EN388, 6.1 – Abrasion resistance

    This test is carried put using a Martindale tester in which a rubbing head covered with a standard abrasive material is moved in a circular motion.

    EN388, 6.2 – Blade cut resistance

    This test involves a circular blade being moved across the material whilst spinning in the opposite direction. As soon as the blade penetrates the material the amount of penetration it has taken is noted and the mean of 5 such tests is given as the result.

    EN388, 6.3 – Tear resistance

    This test involves the material being clamped in the jaws of a strength testing machine. The jaws are moved apart at constant speed and the force needed to tear the material is measured.

    EN388, 6.4 – Puncture resistance

    This test uses a standard, rounded point which is pushed through the material at a fixed speed and the force required for the point to penetrate through the material is measured.

    What happens once they are tested?

    They are then awarded a performance level in accordance to each test result. For example a material with abrasion resistance between 100-500 cycles would be awarded level 1. There are performance levels 1-5 with Level 5 being the strongest. Please note that only the blade cut test can achieve up to level 5 in performance.

    1 2 3 4 5
    Abrasion Resistance - cycles 100 500 2000 8000 -
    Blade Cut Resistance – cut index 1.2 2.5 5.0 10.0 20.0
    Tear Resistance – Newtons 10 25 50 70 -
    Puncture Resistance - Newtons 20 60 100 150 -

    What protection level do your products have?

    Please see below table of the different products we have and up to what level of protection it will give. For example if you was looking for gloves with strong protection levels then the Rhino gloves have the highest protection level of 5.

    Product 6.1 Abrasion resistance 6.2 Blade cut resistance 6.3 Tear resistance 6.4 Puncture resistance
    Wrist protection Level 2 Level 4 Level 4 Level 4
    Balaclava - Level 2 - -
    Neck protection (Kevlar) - Level 2 - -
    Neck protection - Level 4 - -
    T-shirts Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
    Hoodies - Level 2 - Level 2
    Long johns - Level 2 Level 3 -
    Windjammer jacket - Level 2 - -
    Zip Up jumper Level 2 Level 4 Level 4 Level 4
    Fortis gloves - Level 2 - -
    Leather gloves - Level 2 - -
    Neoprene gloves - Level 2 - -
    Rhino gloves Level 4 Level 5 Level 4 Level 4
    Valour gloves - Level 4 - Level 4
    Scarf (Kevlar) Level 1 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2
    Scarf (Dyneema) Level 1 Level 5 Level 4 Level 4
  • Protective Clothing - What protection should you go for?


    Blade cut protection,  puncture protection,  abrasion protection, tear protection? What protection is best for you?

    If you need any protection at all you need to decide which type suits you and is most appropriate for the threat that you may be facing? The idea of this blog is to present you with a range of options that may best suit your needs. We are able to offer a range of anti-slash protective options which also incorporate anti-tear clothing, anti-abrasion clothing and anti-puncture clothing. Over the years we have learnt from experience how effective anti-slash protection can be and we have therefore developed a comprehensive range to suit most circumstances and the most common scenarios where our products may be of value.

    The first thing to be aware of is that there is a huge difference between anti-slash and stab-proof. We do also offer stab-proof vests but they are much heavier and more cumbersome, however they are designed to protect against a stab (i.e. a thrust with a knife) whereas many of our other products are anti-cut, or anti-slash which, as the name implies, are designed to protect against a vertical or horizontal slashing move.

    All of our cut resistant clothing is lined with either Kevlar or Dyneema. The advantage of offering slash-resistant clothing is that while it offers protection (To the levels stated) it is much thinner and less cumbersome and in fact it just looks like ordinary clothing. It is relatively light, thin and very comfortable to wear. Although designed predominantly to provide cut-resistance  the clothing does also offer a level of anti-tear, anti-abrasion and anti-puncture resistance. These other protective elements may come in to play for example, for someone who rides a motorbike and may be at risk of falling at high speed and skidding across the road. For such situations you may choose to go for the anti-slash Zip up Sweater that offers Level 2 abrasion protection and Rhino heavy duty gloves that offer up to level 4 abrasion protections. It may even be beneficial to look for something that also includes puncture protection.


    Puncture-proof protection can be used in situations where you may have to search someone or enter unknown territory where you may be at risk of getting punctured by a needle or a sharp object. Puncture-proof gloves are of great value to operatives who have to clear up rubbish in trains and stadiums using their hands, where there is a possibility of a blade or a syringe being discarded and not visible. We have recently developed a new range of puncture resistant gloves, the Valour, that offers puncture protection which is particularly important for our clients who  work in the policing and security sector.  The Valour glove is lined with Dyneema offering Level 4 blade cut resistance throughout the palms and fingers, whilst  the finger tips are lined with puncture and tear resistant  Dupont™ Kevlar® patches.

    Police with sniffer dogs search poeple for drugs entering the summadayze festival at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.  The Age. Photo: Angela Wylie. January 1 2013. Photo: Angela Wylie. January 1 2013.

    Tear-resistance, like puncture-resistance can be an important issue for our clients.  Many professionals from animal welfare, mental health care and security professionals wear tear-resistant clothing to protect them from sharp objects that may have the potential to rip the gloves and penetrate through to your skin.

    Our range of anti-cut clothing includes wrist protection which is used by a number of companies in the glass industry, balaclavas, anti-slash neck protection and Kevlar-lined scarves, Dyneema-lined scarves. We also offer the Windjammer jacket, a smart outdoor weather-proof jacket that can provide you with cut-resistance and tear resistance.

    In conclusion it is best to consider what it is you need protection from before choosing what anti-slash clothing suits you best. You can always call us or email us if you need any advice as to which anti-slash clothing protection may be suitable for you.

  • Even Super Hero's Need Protective Clothing!


    "They say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die. And it's true, even for a blind man" - Daredevil

    Daredevil follows Matt Murdock, attorney by day and vigilante by night. Blinded by an accident in his childhood who uses his heightened senses to fight crime on the streets of New York. His efforts are turned down by a powerful and rich business man Wilson Fisk – aka Kingpin – who has a walk in wardrobe that most men would love! Fisk also has a secret about his suits that he doesn't want to share with anyone being the secretive man that he is...

    ‘’I’m just a man with a dream” – Wilson Fiskblog2

    In episode 4, Fisk’s dinner date with Vanessa is interrupted rudely when Ranskahov walks in asking to speak to him urgently. Furious at him for disturbing his dinner date he decides to kill Ranskahov, however, during the fight Ranskahov pulls out a pocket knife and tries to slash Fisk across his chest. This is when we discover that Fisk is wearing a protective suit that can withstand slash cuts! The blade just simply cuts through the first layer of his suit revealing what looks like Kevlar covered with mesh. So who is the genius behind this suit?

    "I've waited years for this - and nothing can stop me now!" - Melvin Potterblog3

    Melvin Potter, he is a talented designer, black smith and armourer that is recruited by Wilson Fisk to design and build armour protected suits for him. He is found by Daredevil who persuades highly skilled Potter to design him a suit with light armour that protects him without interfering with his mobility and speed.

    Just like the products we have at Bladerunner, for many years we have been working alongside our manufacturers to design something that is comfortable, protective and not obvious. The advantage of anti-slash clothing is that it is very covert and looks just like ordinary clothing as well as potentially protecting your life! When considering this type of protection please note the difference between anti-slash and anti-stab.


  • Bladerunner's New LED High Visibility Jacket

    For years now cyclists, workers on roads and railway tracks and police have been wearing reflective high visibility clothing which makes them more visible at night, when they are at their most vulnerable.
    Continue reading

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