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  • UK Policemen and the Urgent Need for Adequate Hand Protection From Knife Attacks

    In the line of duty, police officers face a multitude of dangers every day. From volatile situations to potential physical altercations, their job demands constant vigilance and preparedness. Yet, amidst the challenges they encounter, one critical aspect often overlooked is the lack of sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE), especially concerning hand protection when dealing with knife attacks.

    The horrendous recent case of the unprovoked attack on a young boy on his way to school in Hainault, the Police response and an Officer receiving serious damage to her hands is a case in point. Not one of the 3 officers who eventually caught the attacker had hand protection and one of those officers received life changing injuries to her hand.

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  • Ukraine - The Press - Protection

    Life can be so strange. For many years we at have been supplying the press with bullet-proof vests.

    Just when it seemed that everything was settling down and we had peace on most of Planet Earth up pop the Russians to start looking like they could be invading Ukraine.

    A rapid gearing up of stocks is required by many news companies who have been caught out at a time when freight costs are making it so expensive to ship goods around the world.

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  • Serving Police Constable thankful for Bladerunner protection

    We were truly delighted to receive glowing feedback from a serving Police Constable this week. From the moment we started developing our range of Bladerunner protective clothing, we always had the Police and Armed Forces in mind. Day in, day out they risk their lives protecting us and particularly with the rise in knife crime, this is our opportunity to protect them. Our products are widely used across many police forces, commonly our covert, cut resistant long and short sleeved shirts, which many officers wear beneath their uniform, providing an extra level of cut, abrasion and puncture resistance. Continue reading

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