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Protective Clothing

  • UK Policemen and the Urgent Need for Adequate Hand Protection From Knife Attacks

    In the line of duty, police officers face a multitude of dangers every day. From volatile situations to potential physical altercations, their job demands constant vigilance and preparedness. Yet, amidst the challenges they encounter, one critical aspect often overlooked is the lack of sufficient personal protection equipment (PPE), especially concerning hand protection when dealing with knife attacks.

    The horrendous recent case of the unprovoked attack on a young boy on his way to school in Hainault, the Police response and an Officer receiving serious damage to her hands is a case in point. Not one of the 3 officers who eventually caught the attacker had hand protection and one of those officers received life changing injuries to her hand.

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  • Knife crime on the rise - but how can we prevent it?

    Knife crime is becoming a growing concern in many parts of the world. Yet despite this education about anti-cut blade resistant clothing which can help keep people safe has been virtually non-existent. The UK, as an example, has seen a significant rise in such incidents over the past few years. According to official government statistics, there were over 44,000 offences involving knives in England and Wales in 2019.

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  • Incredible protection from our new Safe-Pro long sleeved t-shirt

    This new V-neck long sleeved T-shirt is as comfortable and, more importantly, protective as anything we have ever seen.

    The Safe-Pro anti-slash T-shirt is made from a material called UMHWPE which is velvety soft, extremely light and, therefore, very comfortable to wear. This material is so strong that it is actually classified as a Super-plastic. These fibres have an incredibly high tensile strength when compared to other Thermoplastics and they are even stronger than steel. High strength steel is c.900MPa and UHMWPE is c.3000MPa. The material is so strong that it is being used to make containers as well as ropes and nets for the fishing industry.
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  • Once again Bladerunner are helping to keep the Press safe - a never ending story!

    It looks like Aleppo all over again.

    In this age of 24-hour news, and social media we are able to watch from the comfort of our own homes the destruction, as it occurs, almost like some video game that we see our children play. But in this case it’s real and people are dying.

    The fact that we see these images, almost first-hand, is because of so many brave reporters and camera operators who are putting themselves in harms way to make sure that the world sees the brutality of war and the total destruction that one rogue state can bring down on an innocent and peaceful neighbouring state.

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  • Ukraine - The Press - Protection

    Life can be so strange. For many years we at have been supplying the press with bullet-proof vests.

    Just when it seemed that everything was settling down and we had peace on most of Planet Earth up pop the Russians to start looking like they could be invading Ukraine.

    A rapid gearing up of stocks is required by many news companies who have been caught out at a time when freight costs are making it so expensive to ship goods around the world.

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  • Hospitality opening up - knife crime seems to be on the rise

    After a year of the country being in and out of lockdown there seems to be a beacon of light on the horizon.

    Like so many other service industries security companies have been hit hard with security personnel not needed to keep pubs, clubs and shopping centres secure.

    But now things seem to be changing. People are back out on the streets shopping, eating in outdoor restaurants and drinking in pub gardens. And wouldn’t you know it. All of a sudden we seem to be reading about more knife crime.

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  • Demand for protective clothing on the increase in France

    Having had many years of experience selling cut-proof and slash-proof clothing we are aware that our sales often respond to world events. Our sales reached peak levels during the Hong Kong protests when students were battling the Police and outside criminal gangs in response to the change in extradition and other laws being imposed upon them by the government in China. Students and other protesters felt considerably safer if they were wearing our Kevlar lined anti-slash T-shirts or our slash-resistant hooded tops.
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