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Safety News from Bladerunner

  • Knife crime on the rise - but how can we prevent it?

    Knife crime is becoming a growing concern in many parts of the world. Yet despite this education about anti-cut blade resistant clothing which can help keep people safe has been virtually non-existent. The UK, as an example, has seen a significant rise in such incidents over the past few years. According to official government statistics, there were over 44,000 offences involving knives in England and Wales in 2019.

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  • Ukraine - The Press - Protection

    Life can be so strange. For many years we at have been supplying the press with bullet-proof vests.

    Just when it seemed that everything was settling down and we had peace on most of Planet Earth up pop the Russians to start looking like they could be invading Ukraine.

    A rapid gearing up of stocks is required by many news companies who have been caught out at a time when freight costs are making it so expensive to ship goods around the world.

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  • Hospitality opening up - knife crime seems to be on the rise

    After a year of the country being in and out of lockdown there seems to be a beacon of light on the horizon.

    Like so many other service industries security companies have been hit hard with security personnel not needed to keep pubs, clubs and shopping centres secure.

    But now things seem to be changing. People are back out on the streets shopping, eating in outdoor restaurants and drinking in pub gardens. And wouldn’t you know it. All of a sudden we seem to be reading about more knife crime.

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  • International Unrest Results in Increased Demand for Protective Clothing

    It seems that the many countries are in a state of uprising;

    • VENEZUELA where the economy has been destroyed by the governments’ poor management of the economy.
    • HONG KONG where the indigenous population are rising up against interference from the Government of mainland China.
    • SUDAN where protesters are looking for an “Arab spring” type revolution where “Justice” and “Freedom” are a constant rallying cry.
    • BOLIVIA where the public are claiming that there was clear electoral fraud in the 2019 general election
    • CATALONIA where residents are looking for autonomy and independence from the rest of Spain.

    In all of these countries (And many more) the citizens are in direct conflict with the Police, and sometimes the army as well, and are having to suffer the consequences of physical attack, the use of water cannons and, in most cases, the effects of tear gas.
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  • Staying safe on the street with Bladerunner protective clothing

    Whilst we are so pleased to see that knife crime seems to have come off the front pages for the last couple of weeks we, at Bladerunner, are still getting a large number of enquiries about anti-slash clothing and knife resistant gloves.

    We take no pleasure in the fact that our customer demographic has evolved from primarily Police, security personnel and other professional and military organisations to individual users and members of the public. Continue reading

  • Using Protective Clothing to Prevent Injuries at Work

    There are a whole host of jobs out there that pose significant risks to employees. When heading into work every day, it is important to feel safe in your job, no matter how dangerous it may be. If you’re an employer who runs a business in industries such as carpentry, butchery, metal work, horse riders, ice sculpting, glazier work or even a sports team, there are many ways in which your employees could become injured on the job. If you’re a worker in one of these sectors you might also feel uneasy at times when you aren’t prepared with the correct safety equipment and clothing. It is important to use the high quality protective clothing available out there to prevent unnecessary injuries in job that require the use of sharp objects. Following ideas might give a better indication of how this special clothing can be used. Continue reading

  • Tackling Knife Crime in Schools: New Measures We Need to Take

    The number of knife related crimes in the UK has increased dramatically over the past few years. As you open up the newspaper every morning, it is saddening how many of these crimes are being associated with local schools. This year is on course to be the worst in ten years, for the number of young people in England and Wales injured or killed in knife attacks. A staggering 37 children have lost their lives to knife crime so far this year, which highlights the distress many parents, teachers and pupils are experiencing at the moment. The recent rise in knife crime cannot be tackled in isolation; a whole community of people need to come together and work out a plan to combat these terrifying ongoing incidents.

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  • How Street Savvy is Your Teen?

    Sending your teens out to hang out with their friends in the evening gives you an uneasy feeling in your stomach. You realise that the streets aren’t as safe as they used to be when you were growing up. The levels of knife crime are at an all-time high with over 40,000 offences being recorded in England and Wales in the year ending March 2018. It’s no wonder parents are worrying for their child’s safety out on the streets right now. There are many preventative steps you can take to ensure your teen feels safe and secure no matter where they are. Here are some useful pieces of advice that might help you to trust their judgments and make them feel savvier on the streets. Continue reading

  • 6 Steps for Smart Safety on the Streets

    Up until this year we would all stroll out of our houses for the day, in a rush to get to work on time, we don’t often think about our general safety or security. We live our lives as each day goes by without a second thought. After living in the same area for several years now, many of us have never felt unsafe or scared when heading out, morning, noon or night. However, this year things seem to have changed.

    We have been constantly bombarded with almost daily reports about knife crime in the UK and the way it seems to have escalated to a worrying level. We have never before had to think about preparing ourselves for a worst case scenario? It is important to remember that no matter where we live, we should always be wary of the potential threats. Educating ourselves on how to stay safe on the streets might just save our lives one day, so it’s time to open up our minds.

    Consider the follow six steps for smart safety on the streets and, hopefully, we will never get caught short. None of us want to live our lives feeling wary and worried all the time, but these notions will help us to be prepared for any unexpected eventuality.
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  • Say goodbye to Summer and get your warm, snug cut-resistant clothing, and stay safe!

    As we say goodbye to the last few days of Summer, the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop it will be time to get out our warm clothing and the perfect time to think about protective scarves, clothing and gloves that will not only keep you warm but will also offer you an extra layer of personal protection. Continue reading

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