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Demand for protective clothing on the increase in France

Having had many years of experience selling cut-proof and slash-proof clothing we are aware that our sales often respond to world events. Our sales reached peak levels during the Hong Kong protests when students were battling the Police and outside criminal gangs in response to the change in extradition and other laws being imposed upon them by the government in China. Students and other protesters felt considerably safer if they were wearing our Kevlar lined anti-slash T-shirts or our slash-resistant hooded tops.

Having noticed a significant spike in sales to France over the last week we wondered why there was such a noticeable increase. We were advised by our Distributor in France that it was as a result of the deplorable murder of French teacher Samuel Paty.

Even today (29th October 2020) a further 3 people have been killed in a knife attack in Nice. With every attack the fear mounts.

Whilst we always regret sales increasing as a result of criminal acts, in the real world people face danger from all sorts of, often unavoidable, situations. Over recent years, as stabbings became front page news in the UK, our sales increased to members of the public looking to take whatever precautions they could to keep themselves safe. We ALWAYS advise that if confronted by an assailant with a knife the best option is to run and, if possible, take refuge in any shop, restaurant, supermarket or wherever you can.

But what can you do if that is not an option?

Whilst we do sell anti-stab vests, in truth, they are not practical to wear all day every day, unless you are a police officer or security officer. For an ordinary member of the public it is possible, but not really practical. This is why our range of anti-slash clothing lined with either Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra or Bladenoma, which are all cut-resistant and slash-proof materials, have become so popular. From the outside they are appear to be normal street clothing but each of our products is lined with material designed to offer additional protection to the wearer.

If confronted by an assailant with a knife and you are unable to get away the one other option available is to grab the knife by the blade and try and take it from the attacker or, at the very least, keep it away from your body. This where our anti-slash Valour or Coyote gloves can prove to be invaluable. These gloves enable you to grab a knife by the blade without it cutting your hands.

So, in these difficult times, it seems that the demand for protective clothing is destined to increase.