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Incredible protection from our new Safe-Pro long sleeved t-shirt

This new V-neck long sleeved T-shirt is as comfortable and, more importantly, protective as anything we have ever seen.

The Safe-Pro anti-slash T-shirt is made from a material called UMHWPE which is velvety soft, extremely light and, therefore, very comfortable to wear. This material is so strong that it is actually classified as a Super-plastic. These fibres have an incredibly high tensile strength when compared to other Thermoplastics and they are even stronger than steel. High strength steel is c.900MPa and UHMWPE is c.3000MPa. The material is so strong that it is being used to make containers as well as ropes and nets for the fishing industry.

So what does this mean for you? Well if you look at the video attached to the product on our website you will see a demonstration of a scalpel being used to try and cut through our Safe-pro cut resistant T-shirt. Even with great force being applied the scalpel hardly leaves a mark.

For doormen, security officers, police officers and anyone who is likely to be in harms way a long sleeved cut resistant T-shirt that can be worn comfortably all day gives confidence that in a knife attack the wearer is protected against slashes from a knife or machete however sharp it may be. It is more practical to wear than an anti-stab vest which, whilst giving protection against stabs (Which the Safe-pro does not) can be very uncomfortable to wear for long periods and is anything but covert.

In these days where, unfortunately, knife crime is becoming a major problem front line officers and security staff are entitled to demand the best knife resistant clothing that is available on the market.

The Safe-pro has been tested by a recognised test laboratory and achieved a rating A5 under ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standards.

Anti-slash clothing has come a long way over recent years and if you need something that is truly covert, and at the same time knife-resistant, cut-resistant and slash-resistant the Safe-pro is setting new standards of personal protection.