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International Unrest Results in Increased Demand for Protective Clothing

It seems that the many countries are in a state of uprising;

  • VENEZUELA where the economy has been destroyed by the governments’ poor management of the economy.
  • HONG KONG where the indigenous population are rising up against interference from the Government of mainland China.
  • SUDAN where protesters are looking for an “Arab spring” type revolution where “Justice” and “Freedom” are a constant rallying cry.
  • BOLIVIA where the public are claiming that there was clear electoral fraud in the 2019 general election
  • CATALONIA where residents are looking for autonomy and independence from the rest of Spain.

In all of these countries (And many more) the citizens are in direct conflict with the Police, and sometimes the army as well, and are having to suffer the consequences of physical attack, the use of water cannons and, in most cases, the effects of tear gas.

We, at Bladerunner, have been completely overwhelmed by the demand for our products. You see, the fact that our anti-slash clothing looks like standard cool street-wear means that the potential victims do not stand out as a target for those who may wish them harm them.

Our pocket-sized gas mask can be quickly deployed and then, being pocket sized, can be safely stowed away out of view.

Our range of anti-slash long-johns can be worn under trousers to help protect the legs from serious cuts and our Kevlar lined hooded tops are indistinguishable from normal street clothing.

Bladerunner have been in this sector of the market for many years and, as such, we are the market leaders in protective street wear. We have a full range of anti-slash gloves to offer protection to the hands in the event of a knife attack allowing the user to grab a knife by the blade without causing serious damage to the hands.