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New Protective Glove Endorsed by Essex Police

With almost daily reports of new assaults where knives are involved, not only in the UK but all over Europe, we are finding increased demand for our range of protective clothing, including anti-slash gloves, slash-resistant hoodies and particularly our new stab-resistant Ultra-thin panels.

At Bladerunner, we are constantly researching and developing new products to provide slash and stab protection. The latest of which has been extremely well received by the public and police force alike.

New protective gloves designed for police and security staff

Towards the end of 2018 we launched a new level 5 (EN388; 2003) "Police" slash-proof glove designed specifically, but not exclusively, for Police officers who are expected to confront suspects who may armed with knives. Such has been the success of the "Police" glove that we will soon be launching a "Security" glove designed particularly with door staff at clubs, pubs and sporting venues in mind. Watch out for this one it should be available within 4 weeks. Another notable feature of these gloves is the inclusion of touchscreen-friendly fingertips, making them digital ready.

The particular defensive quality of our slash-resistant gloves is that if you are unfortunate enough to be confronted by someone with a knife it enables you to grab the knife by the blade and steer it away from your body and hopefully disarm the assailant with causing damage to your own hands.

Essex Police pleased with "Impressive New Gloves"

Operation Raptor are part of Essex Police and are plain clothed officers tasked with tackling drug and gang-related crime. In 12 months alone they locked up drug dealers and those in gang-related crime for a total of 336 years, seizing drugs with a street value of almost £700,000. Knife crime is a constant threat for the team at Operation Raptor and they were delighted with the recent arrival of their new protective gloves, tweeting, "Impressive new gloves arrived today courtesy of supplier @bladerunnertv designed to protect us from the threat of knives & very kindly purchased for the team by @ThurrockCSP. #righttoolsforthejob #knifecrime".

Covert Protective Clothing

Slash-proof hoodies and anti-slash T-shirts, whilst not anti-stab, do offer an added layer of protection against a slashing knife attack. Likewise anti-slash scarves which are available with either a Kevlar or a Dyneema lining can be an essential item for protection against a knife attack.

It is unfortunate that we live in times when knife crime seems to be on the rise and as the figures for this type of assault grow then so does the need for some type of protective clothing in particular for those who are at serious risk of attack.

We are here at Bladerunner to provide some form of protection in an effort to keep you safe whilst out there on the streets.