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New Ultra-thin Stab Resistant Plates - Exclusively from Bladerunner

Stab-proof vests are a common sight on Police Officers patrolling the streets. Of course they perform a vital role in keeping Police officers and security personnel safe. You only have to look, however, at a Police officer wearing one to see that they are thick, uncomfortable and totally impractical for anyone who wants covert anti-stab protection.

At Bladerunner we have been aware for some time that there must be a better solution to providing a truly covert stab resistant panel that gives added protection to vital organs. This has become even more important during the course of 2018 when there has been such an increase in knife crime.

Working with our partners in Israel, a country that is probably more used to knife and gun attacks than anywhere else in the world, we have developed a stab-resistant plate that not only provides knife resistance to 24 Joules, but an item that can be worn under everyday street clothing and is totally covert.

Our aim was to provide something equivalent to an anti-stab vest that, whilst remaining covert, will meet the requirements of Home Office standard SP1 and KR1 spike and knife protection.

Stab Resistant Plates
Anti-Stab Panels
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Each panel measures 25cms by 30.4cms, is only 4mm’s thick and is lightweight too, weighing only 285g. The panels can be purchased together with a thin nylon carrier which provides slots in which you can place a front and back anti-stab panel. The anti-stab panel carriers are available in Black or in White and have Velcro fastenings so that one size fits all.

We have had the panels tested by Oregon Ballistic Laboratories in the USA have confirmed that the panels meet with the requirements of Home Office standard KR1 and SP1.

These stab-resistant panels are a huge leap forward in the development of personal protection.

Our stab resistant plates are available to buy online now at only £100 + VAT. A small price to pay for truly covert anti-stab protection.