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Once again Bladerunner are helping to keep the Press safe - a never ending story!

It looks like Aleppo all over again.

In this age of 24-hour news, and social media we are able to watch from the comfort of our own homes the destruction, as it occurs, almost like some video game that we see our children play. But in this case it’s real and people are dying.

The fact that we see these images, almost first-hand, is because of so many brave reporters and camera operators who are putting themselves in harms way to make sure that the world sees the brutality of war and the total destruction that one rogue state can bring down on an innocent and peaceful neighbouring state.

Those reporters, who are doing such an important job, deserve whatever protection is available to them in the form of body armour to help keep them safe. Bladerunner have been offering protection to the Press for many years, even going back to the first Iraq war when we supplied Sky News with a number of armoured Land Rover Defenders, one of which was until recently on display at the Imperial War Museum, showing all of the scars of work on the battlefield.

Now a different era, the same old problems and once again we are supplying the Press with full body armour.

OUR BODY ARMOUR (Available now).

Our bullet proof Press vests are level 111A are relatively lightweight and have Velcro tightening which allows some flexibility in sizing. They have detachable PRESS labelling which can be added or removed at will.

At Bladerunner we also supply level 111+ lightweight Famostone plates which can be inserted into the front and rear pockets of the bullet-proof vest to offer protection against a 7.62 mm sniper round.

Bladerunner also offer a protective helmet. This helmet offers protection to body armour NIJ Level IIIA as well as protection from a V50 type projectile at 620m/sec. Extensive testing according to STANAG 2920, NIJ 0101.04 and MIL STD 662F standards mean that this helmet is effective and acceptable all over the world.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine demand for these bullet-proof products is possibly at an all time high and we, at Bladerunner, are happy to still have limited supplies available from stock.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements whilst we have stock available.