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  • New Ultra-thin Stab Resistant Plates - Exclusively from Bladerunner

    Stab-proof vests are a common sight on Police Officers patrolling the streets. Of course they perform a vital role in keeping Police officers and security personnel safe. You only have to look, however, at a Police officer wearing one to see that they are thick, uncomfortable and totally impractical for anyone who wants covert anti-stab protection.

    At Bladerunner we have been aware for some time that there must be a better solution to providing a truly covert stab resistant panel that gives added protection to vital organs. This has become even more important during the course of 2018 when there has been such an increase in knife crime.

    Working with our partners in Israel, a country that is probably more used to knife and gun attacks than anywhere else in the world, we have developed a stab-resistant plate that not only provides knife resistance to 24 Joules, but an item that can be worn under everyday street clothing and is totally covert. Continue reading

  • A Revolution in protection against a knife attack

    The “Police” glove.

    As if it's not bad enough having to read about the number of innocent people being injured, or even murdered, by knife attacks we are seeing a situation where our brave Police, yes those on the front line who protect the public, are often confronting criminals armed with knives, with their bare hands.

    Yes, we read the figures of how many people are murdered, how many are injured but who reads the statistics for how many are saved from injury by the intervention of our brave Police men and women. Surely it is only right that we give them the right protective equipment to disarm knife wielders in as safe a way as possible. We know that the Police wear anti-stab vests which will protect them if they are stabbed but how are they expected to dis-arm someone carrying a knife without suffering horrible damage to their hands. Continue reading

  • What are cut resistant gloves made from?

    Cut resistant gloves can be manufactured from a number of different materials. At Bladerunner, we manufacture and sell anti-cut gloves made from Kevlar (Trademark Dupont), Spectra (Trademark Honeywell) and Dyneema. Each offers slightly different properties, but they all offer cut resistant protection in the event of a knife attack, or if used as protective work gloves. Continue reading

  • Surge in knife crime continuing

    The surge in knife crime seems to be continuing unabated. Last Tuesday alone there were 3 knife attacks in 90 minutes and 6 stabbings during that 24 hour period. There have so far been 62 murders recorded by Scotland Yard.

    45 murders in the first quarter of 2018 against 23 in the same period last year. Hardly a day is going by when you do not read something about yet another knife attack.

    No one has come with a definitive answer as to why this is happening but it is fair to say that a lot of these knife attacks are gang related. We at Bladerunner do not buy into the theory that more people are carrying knives to protect themselves against knife attacks being visited upon them. Continue reading

  • Knife Crime - Getting much worse

    This year the statistics for knife crime are reaching horrendous, but not quite epidemic, proportions. As reported in last week's The Sunday Times* 16 people have been killed in knife attacks in London alone so far this year and we are not yet into March.

    One of the results of the 1996 Dunblane shooting, when 16 children and 1 teacher were murdered, was the tightening of procedures for getting a Firearms certificate or a shotgun license. Shootings in the UK (And Europe) are now relatively rare. Not so the USA where it is so easy to get your hands on a firearm. The bad news is that you don’t need any license to buy a knife and, even if you did, how simple is it to go into any cooking shop and buy a carving knife, or something just as lethal. Continue reading

  • Knife crime is increasing - So is cut resistant clothing usage

    Knife crime has been with us for years, nothing new about that, but the government, and Police, have been cracking down on it and have had some success, until last year that is. In the 12 months to June 2017 there were 36,988 knife offences which is a 26% increase over the previous year and the highest since 2011.

    Knife crime is more prevalent in major cities and is often associated with robberies and sexual assault. This is a worrying trend and one of the reasons we are seeing an increase in sales of cut resistant clothing at Bladerunner. Clearly there is a limit to how practical it is for everyone to go around wearing thick and uncomfortable stab-proof vests, however anything that one can wear to reduce the risk of injury from an attack is helpful. Continue reading

  • Keeping cyclists safe with our LED Hi-Vis Safety vest

    Okay, we all agree that cycling is probably the most efficient way of getting from A to B in these car congested, over-polluted days of traffic mayhem.

    That is fine, and always commendable, in the Summer when it is light both early and late which is when most cyclists are making their way to, and from work.

    But in the Winter it’s a different story. It is DARK out there and whatever cyclists can do to make themselves more visible is worth doing. Lights at the back and front of the bike are good. Lights on the helmet are good, but really what you want to do is light yourself up like a Christmas tree. That way you cannot be missed! Continue reading

  • Stay Safe & Warm this Winter with Bladerunner Anti-Slash Clothing

    Now that Winter is here all those security personnel standing outside clubs, pubs and venues being attended by VIP’s will be standing there in sometimes freezing conditions. Not only do they need to stay warm but, at the same time they need to stay safe whilst still being comfortable.

    Our range of anti-slash clothing is designed to serve all three purposes, safety, warmth and comfort.

    Whilst we also provide anti-stab vests and even bullet-proof vests we find that most of our customers actually prefer the practicality of our anti-slash clothing. It may be something of a compromise but spending hours on the door in freezing conditions is no joke and warmth and comfort figure very highly in their considerations. Of course if you do want to go for a full anti-stab vest or bullet-proof vest we are more than happy to supply. Continue reading

  • Security guards across the UK to assist in the fight against terrorism

    Newspapers are today reporting that Counter-terrorism officials want security guards across the UK to assist in the fight against terrorism.

    Clearly someone high up has suddenly realised that there is a vast, untapped, resource that can make a huge difference, not only in the reporting of suspicious activity but, where appropriate, to perhaps counter any attack.

    This is clearly a brilliant idea because an analysis of the most vulnerable places shows that shopping arcades, entertainment venues and tourist attractions are particularly at risk. These are the places where there are most likely to be security personnel on duty and all places where you are more likely to see a security guard than a policeman.

    We understand that some security guards have already had terrorist awareness training and this voluntary initiative to be called "Project Griffin" is likely to be rolled out on a much larger scale in the future.

    Bearing in mind that most of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK have involved knives it is evident that anti-slash clothing whilst not being anti-stab do offer a level of anti-cut protection that can be of great benefit to the wearer.

    Anti-slash gloves will be of particular benefit in a potential knife attack and could allow a security officers to grab a knife in order to protect both himself and the public.

  • Protective Clothing Essentials

    The last thing we would do is recommend that members of the public should tackle anyone threatening with a knife, however if you are a security officer, or employ security staff, it is important to decide what level of protection you or your team need.

    We can offer a full range of bullet-proof and anti-stab protection but we know from experience that it is usually journalists traveling to war zones who need bullet-proof vests. Most security personnel do not really want to wear bullet-proof or stab-proof clothing. Generally bullet-proof and stab-proof clothing is bulky, stiff, rather uncomfortable and certainly not attractive to wear. Continue reading

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