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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

With Christmas quickly approaching it is becoming more and more urgent to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Gone are the days of wrapping up a pair of socks and a selection box for your family and friends, you need to find something practical that they can actually make good use of. If your partner, friend or family member is in the police force or hoping to find their way into this industry one day, then there are a handful of presents that would be the ideal match for them. Imagine the pleasant surprise on their face when they receive a gift that might actually come in really handy one day!

Protective Gloves

As you are well aware, the dangers of being in the police force are ever-growing, especially with knife crime on the rise. Hopefully with the correct preventative measures in place by the government and local forces these worries will rapidly decrease sooner rather than later, however it is important that our officers protect themselves when they can.

Cut Resistant POLICE GloveWith an increasing number of brave police officers confronting knife wielding criminals without any hand protection, you might consider giving the gift of 'Police' gloves. These gloves are level 5 cut resistant, which is the highest level achievable under the EN388 safety standard. The slash resistant design will give an officer the confidence to defend themselves against a potential attacker, without having to expose their bare skin. The appropriate cut resistant gloves, with or without knuckle protection, will also help to reduce the risk of serious injuries to their hands.

You realise that police officers will often be provided with the relevant body protective clothing to keep them safe when they’re out and about, but you might want to give them an added extra just to let them know you care. There is a whole array of cut resistant clothing and accessories that might be slightly more comfortable and stylish for them, whether it’s a Kevlar lined hooded top or an anti-slash arm and wrist protector; there will be something useful that you can put under the tree for them this year.

Warming Travel Mug

The on the go lifestyle of a police officer is more apparent than ever. They work long days, night shifts and often don’t get time to have a well-deserved break all day. As they leave the house every morning with a hot cup of coffee, they have every intention to drink it; but if they get called to an urgent job their caffeine fix goes cold and has to be thrown away. Give your friend or family member the gift of a warming travel mug, so that they don’t have to worry about their coffee or tea going cold if they don’t have time to drink it. They will never go thirsty again with this kind of handy and practical gadget.

There are so many ways that you can show your appreciation to the police officer in your life, whether you treat them to protective Kevlar gloves, a hot, toasty travel mug or some cut proof clothing, they will be thankful for the thoughtful gift this festive season.