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Reasons Why Protective Clothing in the Security Industry is Vital

As a security professional you are required to be extremely versatile within your field. Whether you’re protecting business buildings, political figures, music festivals or night clubs, there may be potential dangers encompassed within all of these sectors. The security industry obviously expects their employed guard to protect other people, but they also need to prevent unnecessary harm to themselves too. There are many associated threats with this profession, so it’s important that protective clothing is worn at all times. This armour can be extremely discreet, but it will certainly be effective when threatened with a knife or sharp weapon. Whilst defending the victim, the guard can always feel confident that they won’t be harmed in the process of warning off the attacker.

Peace of Mind for Employers

When an employer hires a security guard to represent them, they need peace of mind that their workers are as safe as possible on the job. Workwear such as a knife proof vest and a Kevlar hoodie will ensure that the guards feel safe carrying out their job. If an attacker were to corner them or threaten them with a sharp weapon, then they would feel confident defending both the victim and themselves if they were equipped with the relevant anti cut gloves and Kevlar clothing.

Security clothing is not only practical and safe, but it also gives off a sense of professionalism for the company involved. They probably want their guards to stand out as smart and proficient, so the uniform is a pivotal part of their everyday work life.

Deterrence of Crimes

When there are well protected security officers present it can deter and reduce crime. Obviously, if an attacker has a clear intention to harm they will go about their business without a second thought. However, the authoritative quality of a security guard in the right clothing can make the public feel a lot safer and may act as a potential deterrent to trouble makers.

Protective Clothing for Security Officers

The type of protective clothing needed by the security officer would mostly depend on the location and situation. High risk security and close protection security are quite different in that they are defending people against different eventualities. As much as a bullet proof vest is necessary in most situations, security officers are now more aware than ever of the catapulting knife crime rates. Slash proof gloves, cut resistant clothing and anti-slash t-shirts, are therefore going to be an essential element of their everyday uniform.

It is apparent that there are many benefits to security uniforms and protective clothing. Not only are they practical, but they also exude a sense of security to the surrounding public. If you are an employee working in the security industry or you know somebody who is, you should look into knife proof clothing and accessories to incorporate into your day to day uniform. Feeling safe at work is extremely important; if the security guard feels comfortable they will be able to carry out their job safely and effectively.