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Serving Police Constable thankful for Bladerunner protection

We were truly delighted to receive glowing feedback from a serving Police Constable this week. From the moment we started developing our range of Bladerunner protective clothing, we always had the Police and Armed Forces in mind. Day in, day out they risk their lives protecting us and particularly with the rise in knife crime, this is our opportunity to protect them. Our products are widely used across many police forces, commonly our covert, cut resistant long and short sleeved shirts, which many officers wear beneath their uniform, providing an extra level of cut, abrasion and puncture resistance.

Long Sleeved cut proof glovesIn the case of this serving officer, he was wearing our long sleeved anti-slash shirt, and as you will read, he was glad he did.

While I have always found Bladerunner to be an excellent company to deal with, it (fortunately) wasn't until recently any of their kit has actually been put to the test.

While effecting the arrest of a violent suspect with a long history of drug use, and communicable diseases, I was bitten quite hard on the shoulder. Thanks to the Bladerunner long sleeve I had on under my uniform he did not manage to break the skin. If he had done so I would have certainly needed medical attention and some painful injections, not to mention what impact an injury of this nature might have had on my ongoing health, social life and ability to function as a Police Officer.

I absolutely recommend Bladerunner clothing most wholeheartedly.