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Staying safe on the street with Bladerunner protective clothing

Whilst we are so pleased to see that knife crime seems to have come off the front pages for the last couple of weeks we, at Bladerunner, are still getting a large number of enquiries about anti-slash clothing and knife resistant gloves.

We take no pleasure in the fact that our customer demographic has evolved from primarily Police, security personnel and other professional and military organisations to individual users and members of the public.

Our advice has always been, and still remains, to avoid areas of high crime and areas where there are known to be a presence of gang members. We still advise that the best possible thing to do if confronted by someone with a knife is to run away and, if possible, duck into a shop or any building where there are other members of the public. The best advice is always to try and avoid "Danger areas". We know that this is not always possible and that is why our products are often an essential element of personal protection.

Protective Gloves

If you have no choice, and no way of escape, when confronted by someone with a knife and you have no option but to try and defend yourself a pair of anti-slash gloves become an essential piece of safety equipment.

Knife-proof gloves such as the Valour gloves allow you to grab a knife by the blade without causing awful damage to your own hands.

The Valour gloves offer double protection in that they have knife resistant Dyneema lining and anti-slash Dupont™ Kevlar® covering the outside of the glove.

Knife Proof Clothing

If your preference is completely covert, yet street-cool protection the Dupont™ Kevlar®-lined hoodie, which is available in a number of different colours, offers level 2 anti-slash protection.

As an added layer of protection, we also offer short sleeved, slash-resistant T-shirts and long-sleeved cut-resistant shirts, all Dupont™ Kevlar® lined and available in either Black or White in small to 5XL.

Stab Proof Clothing

It is important to be clear that whist our anti-slash clothing products offer blade cut resistance, in some cases up to the highest level of testing, level 5, this does not make them stab-proof. If you are looking for stab protection, we also offer extremely covert Ultra-thin stab-resistant panels. These are a lightweight (only 285g) and flexible alternative to traditional stab-proof vests, which are typically uncomfortable and far from covert.

Advice from Bladerunner

If you need any help or advice in choosing the right protection for your needs and applications, please contact us and a member of expert sales team who will gladly help.

Beyond that, remember, our advice is always to just avoid dangerous areas and situations where possible. If you can run away from danger do it. If you have no choice it is best to have some form of personal protection, which is where Bladerunner can help.

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