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Surge in knife crime continuing

The surge in knife crime seems to be continuing unabated. Last Tuesday alone there were 3 knife attacks in 90 minutes and 6 stabbings during that 24 hour period. There have so far been 62 murders recorded by Scotland Yard.

45 murders in the first quarter of 2018 against 23 in the same period last year. Hardly a day is going by when you do not read something about yet another knife attack.

No one has come with a definitive answer as to why this is happening but it is fair to say that a lot of these knife attacks are gang related. We at Bladerunner do not buy into the theory that more people are carrying knives to protect themselves against knife attacks being visited upon them.

What we are finding, here at Bladerunner is that people who are living in areas where they are prone to seeing gang members are buying themselves anti-knife slash gloves or anti-slash T-shirts or hooded tops.

Think about it. If you are confronted by someone with a knife how are you going to defend yourself? Of course, if the opportunity arises you can run, but that is not usually an option. The best way to defend yourself is by grabbing the blade of the knife, which of course will always result in horrible damage to your hands. The only sensible option is to make sure you have a pair of Bladerunner anti-slash gloves. We have a full range of cut-proof gloves at These gloves are knife resistant and would enable you to grab a knife by the blade and either stop it damaging your body and usually will enable you to disarm an attacker.

You can view our hooded top cut test video below and more videos here.

We at have been supplying cut resistant gloves, cut-resistant T-shirts and anti-slash hooded tops for over 15 years. Each of our products have been tested in a UK authorised test house and, if required, we can supply a copy of individual reports.

We have been developing, and will soon be marketing an anti-stab back and front body panel which will be totally discreet and which is designed to protect vital organs. This will be something that can be worn under your clothing and will help prevent many life threatening injuries from knives.