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Ukraine - The Press - Protection

Life can be so strange. For many years we at have been supplying the press with bullet-proof vests.

Just when it seemed that everything was settling down and we had peace on most of Planet Earth up pop the Russians to start looking like they could be invading Ukraine.

A rapid gearing up of stocks is required by many news companies who have been caught out at a time when freight costs are making it so expensive to ship goods around the world.

Bladerunner have been supplying bullet-resistant helmets and level IV bullet-proof vests together with other essential items to media outlets for many years, protecting journalists when they are at their most vulnerable, often in the heat of battle.

From Iraq to Syria to Ukraine. From Gaza to Beirut Bladerunner have been on the frontline, metaphorically speaking, helping to keep those who bring us the news safe.

Whilst we wait for new stocks to arrive we are clearing our existing stocks at a reduced price to make way for our new supplies.

This is a unique and one off opportunity to buy the best protective equipment (Made in Israel) at a very special price. We also have level IV plates in stock (At an additional price).

All of our products come from the most reputable factories and, of course, we are able to supply laboratory test reports for everything that we sell.

We offer a top-down range of products which means that not only do we supply items used by Police, Military, National Health Service, and security personnel but we also supply a large range of products used by members of the public.

Knife crime has become a major issue, particularly amongst our young. It is impractical for the youths to walk around wearing anti-stab vests (which, by the way, we do supply) as these are thick, inflexible and difficult to disguise so we have developed a range of street clothing that are thin, flexible and comfortable and offer anti-slash, anti-cut resistance. Our range consists of hooded tops, T-shirts, scarves and sweaters none of which look anything different from ordinary street clothing.

Whilst these are not stab-proof they will offer protection against knife slashes (As per EN388: 2003/2016 specifications).

Perhaps more importantly are our knife-resistant gloves. If one is unfortunate enough to be confronted by someone with a knife it enables the victim to grab the knife by the blade without damaging their hands and hopefully steer the knife way from their body and hopefully allow them to disarm the perpetrator.

We supply these gloves to the public but we also have gloves specifically geared towards the Police and Security personnel.

So, these are still reasonably dangerous times where we can inadvertently find ourselves at risk. There is an old maxim that we use that applies to safety products such as ours “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

We hope that all of our customers remain safe.