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Using Protective Clothing to Prevent Injuries at Work

There are a whole host of jobs out there that pose significant risks to employees. When heading into work every day, it is important to feel safe in your job, no matter how dangerous it may be. If you’re an employer who runs a business in industries such as carpentry, butchery, metal work, horse riders, ice sculpting, glazier work or even a sports team, there are many ways in which your employees could become injured on the job. If you’re a worker in one of these sectors you might also feel uneasy at times when you aren’t prepared with the correct safety equipment and clothing. It is important to use the high quality protective clothing available out there to prevent unnecessary injuries in job that require the use of sharp objects. Following ideas might give a better indication of how this special clothing can be used.

Food Industry

When working with slicers, sharp-edged equipment and knives on a daily basis butchers and chefs are exposed to cuts and slashes regularly. No matter how well trained and careful you are when handling these sharp objects it is very easy for things to go wrong. Wearing cut resistant steel gloves during food preparation will reduce these risks significantly and give the employee peace of mind when carrying out their skilful duties in the kitchen. With specialist gloves the dexterity won’t be compromised and the levels of protection are increased right away. In fact our steel gloves offer level 5 blade cut resistance rating (The highest achievable) and level 4 tear resistance (Tested to EN388; 2003).

Sporting Activities

Anyone who works with horses will understand that cuts and bites can happen when you least expect it. When cleaning out the stables or trying to navigate barbed wire, fencing or glass, it is important to protect yourself with protective gloves and Kevlar clothing. Another sporting activity that sees a huge number of injuries is ice hockey. Most cut injuries from ice hockey players are found on the lower leg, neck, forearms and calves so finding the appropriate cut proof clothing to protect these areas is also important.

Other High Risk Jobs

When working in construction, recycling, sheet metal jobs and manufacturing industries there are always going to be risks surrounding the equipment you use on a daily basis. No matter how proficient and skilled an employee is, there are always going to be human errors that could cause significant harm. Arm and neck protection, as well as Kevlar gloves are highly recommended for people working in any of these industries, to prevent cut wounds and deep lacerations. When you reduce the chances of a fatal injury it puts everybody in the job at ease knowing there is excellent protection in place.

The potential for injury in many of these jobs is high, so it is important that relevant precautions are taken as often as possible. Whether you’re investing in Kevlar clothing or cut proof gloves, they are going to reduce risks around the workplace and make you and other employees feel much safer as they carry out their day to day job.