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Body Armour

Body Armour

There are so many situations where it is important to wear body armour discreetly. Wearing a bullet-proof under vest, it is often obvious that you are protected. Wearing a coat or flying jacket is far more subtle whilst still offering level 111A protection.

We can even offer brief cases or document cases with level 111A lining

We have Test reports available for all of our body armour and we will be happy to provide these if required.

There are many occasions when our customers need body armour for a specific short term reason but do not want to go to the expense of having to buy it when they know they may never need it again.

This is why Bladerunner have come up with a totally unique rent/buy scheme on all body armour.

You can buy any of our body armour at full price and return it, whenever you want, and we will give you a refund less £50.00 (Plus VAT) for each week, or part thereof, that you have had it. This means that if you have it for 10 days (For example) we will deduct £100.00 (Plus VAT) and refund you the balance . This is so much more cost effective than having to buy something outright that you may never use again.

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