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Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

We offer a full range of cut resistant gloves, all lined with cut resistant fibre. Designed to be cut resistant between level 2 up to level 5 (In accordance with EN 388 testing). Some of our cut proof gloves are also offered with knuckle protection (For cyclists and motorcyclists) and our Rhino Duty protective gloves offer level 5 puncture resistance.

Our cut resistant gloves are comfortable, flexible and in the main provide level 2 anti-cut protection, while our Dyneema lined gloves, for example the Valour have achieved a level 4 cut resistance rating. 

For the ultimate in cut resistance, check out our new Coyote and "Police" gloves, which are both lined with Bladenoma® and offer the highest cut resistance, level 5. 

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