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Cut Resistant Clothing and Cut Resistant PPE

Bladerunner’s cut resistant clothing is made from rigorously tested materials designed and manufactured to create our leading PPE clothing and equipment. Ensuring that our cut resistant clothing is one of our utmost priorities as the protection they offer has the potential to make the difference between surviving a serious life-threatening injury happening or not. This extra care and quality have seen our cut resistant clothing utilised by law enforcement, prisons, customs and private security professionals. You can see our full range of cut resistant clothing and equipment here.

What is the need for Cut Resistant Clothing and Equipment?

There are many reasons why cut resistant clothing is necessary for a wide range of sectors, the most obvious being dangerous lines of work such as law enforcement and private security. In these sectors, it is, unfortunately, a common occurrence to encounter knives and knife crime whilst on the job, our anti cut clothing and equipment mitigate this risk and ensure that professionals are duly protected. The main purpose of cut resistant clothing is to successfully limit the risk of lacerations and protect key arteries and blood vessels, our products have been extensively tested and our cut resistant material has consistently proven that it offers protection strong enough to guard against the risks associated with knives and sharp edges. Attacks of this nature can happen to anyone at any time, so it is recommended that everyone regularly in high risk situations/jobs wears cut proof clothing or PPE, both for peace of mind and vital protection.

Many frontline professionals have been requesting better cut resistant protection than the standard they are currently offered, Bladerunner is the solution, ensuring both cut protection and quality. Through rigorous testing we have ascertained data that validate these claims, put into ‘standards’, our cut resistant clothing has EN 388:2016 Blade Cut Resistance (Coup Test) up-to Level 5 (the highest possible), EN 388:2016 Blade Cut Resistance (ISO 13997:1999 Test) up-to level E and SI/ISEA 2016 Cut Resistance up-to Level A5. These standards have been met because of our passion for providing reliable and potent cut protection that has the potential to reduce workplace violence related cut injuries, rapid blood loss and potential subsequent death.

 Cut Resistant Hoodie

Benefits of Cut Resistant Clothing in the Workplace

Cut resistant clothing is not only utilised in law enforcement and similar fields, cut resistant clothing is markedly important in industries such as engineering, butchering, gardening and  glass manufacturing works, high quality and effective cut proof clothing is paramount and instrumental in the protection of the workers carrying out their day-to-day roles.

We all depend on different types of glass almost every day, whether it be bottles or windows, it is a commonplace material and therefore there is a huge need for glass. The glass making process requires accuracy and attention to detail to maintain specific temperatures during all stages of the process. Glass is being produced, processed, treated, finished, and handled using many different processes, some of those processes come with a risk of cut injuries as well as abrasion and puncture injuries. If the glass workers move the material, take it off a machine, lift it to install elsewhere or carry any type of produced glass, they are at risk of cut injuries and laceration at almost every step of the glass production cycle. Accidents can happen and are a natural part of being human, but that does mean workers should be properly looked after and given the best chance of protection against serious injuries.

Our anti cut clothing is especially important because the industry standard currently in place is insufficient and there are still worryingly high numbers of workplace injuries occurring as a result. From the viewpoint of the employer, cut injuries can lead to severe legal and financial repercussions, so limiting injuries is a major benefit in the long term; injuries to employees can also leave long lasting emotional scars, ongoing distress, physical pain and in the very worst circumstances, death.

Glass work is just one example of many other professions that suffer the same danger, therefore cut protection is paramount in any work situation where cut injuries are a persistent threat. You can view our range of cut resistant clothing here.


Real world Examples of inadequate cut protection

Dangerous situations and attacks on frontline professionals are occurring more and more frequently, there are many statistics and studies that evidence this point but quantitative data only tells you what is happening rather than showing you.

Just take a moment and type in key phrases such as “guard slashed” or "officer slashed” and you will see countless search results and articles such as the following:

  • Police slashed by knifeman while on duty
  • Police: Robbery suspect slashed Fred Meyer security guard
  • Attempted murder arrest after Lancashire Pc slashed with knife in routine vehicle check
  • A female police officer was brutally slashed during Notting Hill Carnival in London
  • Off-duty police officer has face slashed with knife at HMV store in Leeds
  • Officer hospitalised with knife wounds after intervening in prison attack
  • Security guard slashed in face with large knife at Sunbury shopping precinct
  • A supermarket security guard was slashed by a shoplifter South England
  • Attempted murder arrest after Lancashire Pc slashed with knife in routine vehicle check
  • A drunk man slashed security staff during an attack at Leeds (UK) restaurant

Horrific and rare as this may seem, it is, unfortunately, the reality and every attack doesn’t get turned into a news article. The harsh reality for many frontline workers is that this is a constant and persistent threat that could occur at any time, which is why there is a growing necessity for better cut resistant PPE and clothing so that the impact of these incidents can be limited. Our Cut resistant clothing and equipment line has been extensively tested to offer consistent protection, use the links below to browse the range and get in touch if you have any questions.