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  • Lightweight Bullet Proof Plate - Level III+ Protection Lightweight Bullet Proof Plate - Level III+ Protection
  • Lightweight Bullet Proof Plate - Level III+ Protection Lightweight Bullet Proof Plate - Level III+ Protection

LightWeight Bullet Proof Plate - Level III+ Protection

Quick Overview

This is a lighter and stronger alternative to ceramic plates and is used to increase the protection offered by soft armour in bullet proof vests from NIJ level IIIa (the maximum level atainable with soft armour) to higher than NIJ Level III.

Where ceramic plates can shatter after as little as one direct hit these plates, due to their Polyethylene make up, hold their form and integrity after multiple hits.

The fact that they are an industry standard size means that they can be used in any soft armour vest with the appropriate pockets for hard armour inserts.


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This bulletproof plate is made from a revolutionary Polyethylene, an ultra-light ballistic hard armour that is considerably lighter than any other body armouring material available in the world today.

The high strength Polyethylene fibre used has been shown to be 10 times stronger than steel, making it the strongest and lightest fibre in the world today. The material is waterproof and outperforms all other hard armour materials in stopping high velocity rounds.

Our lightweight plates outperforms NIJ level III, which will stop 7.62 and 5.56 (AK47 and M16) and all lesser rounds, which is why it has been classed as NIJ level III+. This plate has reached, and surpassed, the 6 shot 5cm grouping requirement to reach NIJ Level III and at 1.4kg each this is the undoubtedly the lightest bulletproof plate around that offers such a high level of protection.

Unlike ceramic hard armour plates these can be used on their own however for the maximum protection they should be used in conjunction with a soft armour vest such as our PRESS VEST

These plates are the industry standard size, 25cm x 30cm and 20mm thick and only 1.4Kg.

For more information on NIJ bulletproof protection levels please see our Ballistic Chart HERE

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There are many occasions when our customers need body armour for a specific short term reason but do not want to go to the expense of having to buy it when they know they may never need it again.

This is why Bladerunner have come up with a totally unique rent/buy scheme on all body armour.

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