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Say goodbye to Summer and get your warm, snug cut-resistant clothing, and stay safe!

As we say goodbye to the last few days of Summer, the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop it will be time to get out our warm clothing and the perfect time to think about protective scarves, clothing and gloves that will not only keep you warm but will also offer you an extra layer of personal protection.

Cut Resistant Scarves

The Bladerunner range of anti-slash clothing caters for all seasons but also takes into account the unfortunate need to protect yourself against knife attack. Our cut resistant scarves come with 2 levels of protection you can either choose the Dyneema lined scarf which offers level 5 protection (The highest achievable under EN388: 2003 test standards) or the slightly cheaper Kevlar lined scarf which offers level 3 blade cut resistance.

These anti-slash scarves not only protect your neck but they also have pockets at each end which can allow you to grab a sharp object, such as a knife blade, whilst offering protection to your hands.

Anti-Slash Jackets and Hooded Tops

We offer a comprehensive range of cut resistant jackets, tops and hooded tops in a variety of colours and styles, but all designed to not only keep you safe, but keep you warm through the Winter months. They are ideal for both general streetwear and security staff working outside on a regular basis. Our anti-slash tops are all lined with either Kevlar.

Cut-resistant gloves

Our cut-resistant gloves will be incredibly helpful, not only by keeping your hands warm during the Winter months but also by offering protection to your hands should use have to disarm someone with a knife.

We have 2 new additions to our range of gloves this year the Coyote comes either with or without knuckle protection and which offers level 5 protection. The Coyote will soon be available in Black as well as the currently available Brown.

We now also have the "Police" glove which, as the name implies we have designed for Police, although they are available for anyone to buy. The "Police" glove is also lined with anti-slash fibre, a material which is pound for pound 15 times stronger than steel, and offers level 5 blade cut resistance.

Stab Protection

During the course of 2018 we have had a huge increase in enquiries for cut-resistant clothing and we are continuing to develop new products in line with our customers needs. Our new Ultra thin stab-resistant plates have been designed to meet the needs of our customers who want some form of knife protection whilst not having to wear the standard thick Police type anti-stab vests. Developed in association with our associates in Israel, a country which has suffered more knife attacks than most, we are now offering a stab-resistant panel, and holder that can be worn covertly, and we do mean really covertly!

Bladerunner are continuing to lead the way when it comes knife protection and we will be keeping you updated with our latest developments.