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6 Steps for Smart Safety on the Streets

Up until this year we would all stroll out of our houses for the day, in a rush to get to work on time, we don’t often think about our general safety or security. We live our lives as each day goes by without a second thought. After living in the same area for several years now, many of us have never felt unsafe or scared when heading out, morning, noon or night. However, this year things seem to have changed.

We have been constantly bombarded with almost daily reports about knife crime in the UK and the way it seems to have escalated to a worrying level. We have never before had to think about preparing ourselves for a worst case scenario? It is important to remember that no matter where we live, we should always be wary of the potential threats. Educating ourselves on how to stay safe on the streets might just save our lives one day, so it’s time to open up our minds.

Consider the follow six steps for smart safety on the streets and, hopefully, we will never get caught short. None of us want to live our lives feeling wary and worried all the time, but these notions will help us to be prepared for any unexpected eventuality.

1. Protective Clothing

Anti-Slash Lined JumperNone of us ever spend too much time thinking about our clothing when you head out for the evening (Other than whether we look good!) but investing in the right items might just improve personal safety. If you’re an avid cyclist you should always wear fluorescent colours so that drivers and pedestrians can see you coming. This is basic knowledge that you will probably already be aware of, but there are other clothing items that can heighten your safety even further.

Investing in Kevlar clothing, a knife proof shirt or any other cut resistant clothing will increase your chances of being safe wherever you may go. With street crime becoming more and more prevalent by the day, it is important that you are aware of the steps you can take to prevent yourself and your friends from being injured. Investing in a Kevlar shirt wouldn’t mean that you were walking around in bulky, uncomfortable clothing all day; these styles are extremely subtle and can be incorporated into your everyday outfit choices.

2. Awareness

Being street smart will always work in your favour, so stay aware of your surroundings at all times. When you’re talking with friends, listening to music or scrolling on social media you become a lot more vulnerable without even realising. Try to heighten your awareness next time you’re in an unfamiliar area and you will feel much more secure in your environment. Don’t chat on your phone or start posting stuff on social media when you are out on the street. Before you know it some scumbag on a moped may snatch your phone – don’t make it so easy for them.

3. Accessories

As well as Kevlar clothing, there are also many cut resistant accessories you can invest in that will help to keep you safe in the event of a street incident. Wearing cut proof gloves will help you to defend yourself if anybody were to approach you with a knife; you would stand a much better chance of guarding your body if you can retrieve the knife from the attacker. In order to do this you need to protect your hands effectively so anti cut gloves and slash proof gloves might just be a useful investment to make if you are hoping to increase your safety on the streets.

By choosing to wear Kevlar gloves you will always be on the safe side, no matter what the situation. To be clear, confronting someone with a knife is not our first recommendation. If asked what to do if you do find yourself in this situation our first suggestion is to run as fast as you can to get out of the danger zone. If possible dart into a shop or any occupied building. If none of these suggestions are feasible at least by wearing a pair of knife resistant gloves you will be in a position to grab the knife by the blade without damaging your hands, and hopefully remove it from the attacker.

4. Gadgets

Modern day gadgets attract street crimes, so try not to flaunt your new mobile phone, wireless headphones or latest iPod. Keep your electronic devices zipped away securely in your bag or pockets so that you don’t become an innocent target. If you do need to speak on the phone try to head towards a built up area that has plenty of street lighting so that other people are around you.

5. Friends

It isn’t always possible to go everywhere with a friend or family member, but try to avoid stepping into unfamiliar territory on your own. Meet your friends in a place that is well known to you and travel together safely to the new location if necessary. If you’ve got kids, then make sure they always head out in a group rather on their own. When your children are walking around alone in the evening it is a terrifying thought for most parents, so teach them the importance of sticking with a buddy.

6. Self Defence

Taking up a self-defence class such as karate or jiu jitsu is never a bad idea. You might actually enjoy it as a new hobby and the skills that you learn might prove to be useful if you ever needed to protect yourself in an unforeseen situation.

So take your safety on the streets seriously and start to think about ways that you can protect yourself, whether it’s a cut resistant T-shirt or an increase in your awareness on the streets. All of these steps will help you to feel much safer when you’re out and about.