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Hospitality opening up - knife crime seems to be on the rise

After a year of the country being in and out of lockdown there seems to be a beacon of light on the horizon.

Like so many other service industries security companies have been hit hard with security personnel not needed to keep pubs, clubs and shopping centres secure.

But now things seem to be changing. People are back out on the streets shopping, eating in outdoor restaurants and drinking in pub gardens. And wouldn’t you know it. All of a sudden we seem to be reading about more knife crime.

Here at we are suddenly getting many more enquiries about our Kevlar lined T-shirts, cut resistant T-shirts and anti-cut gloves.

There was a report in the papers only yesterday about a young man attacking his college and threatening with a blank firing pistol. Enough to scare anyone. But he also had a knife and the brave teachers who managed to disarm him suffered cuts to their hands. In a knife attack its always the hands that suffer first. This is why our anti-slash gloves often prove to be the first, and most effective line of defence when confronted by someone threatening you with a knife. Police and security officers feel more secure when they are protected by our Bladenoma lined anti-slash gloves.

The benefit of Bladerunner T-shirts and hooded tops is that whilst they offer anti-slash protection they give the appearance of cool looking standard streetwear. Our anti-slash hooded tops are all lined with Kevlar and they are available in a range of colours.

After many years supplying various NHS, Police and military organisations Bladerunner now find that much of the demand for cut-proof clothing is coming from domestic customers both in the UK and abroad.

Our cut resistant “Police” and “Security” gloves are lined with our exclusive Bladenoma anti-cut lining and have been tested by a recognised UK laboratory. These gloves offer blade cut resistance level 5 (The highest level achievable) under EN388: 2003.